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April 27, 2002
Whitakers, NC
Rocket - Scale Amraam
Weight - 70lbs Loaded
Motor - Aerotech M1419W
Altitude 3660 Feet

Only one great video is available and was captured by L3 Jim Scarpine, who's assistance in "catching the moment" will never go unforgotton. This file is 7mb in size and can be downloaded to your PC by "Right Clicking" on it, then click on "Save Target As" and save it to your PC, then view it from there.

One item in the video to mention; if you listen closely near the end, you can hear the Prefect announce "...the cows are nodding their heads in approval!...". I still laugh about that one, as the Whitakers field is right in the middle of a cow pasture. Trust me when I say it was payback to the cows for the "patties" they left us in the setup area that morning.

Two other videos are being developed and will be posted once they have been digitized. Also, Pics will be uploaded soon so please check back often.

Carl Tulanko
TRA #08664 Level 3 Pending